We thrive on change We thrive on change

With such a broad depth and breadth of resources to draw upon, we are equipped to meet the challenges of change and inspire confidence in local government’s ability to adapt.

Our expertise and tailored solutions are driven by a genuine passion for innovative service delivery, tempered by a culture of care. We understand the specific challenges rural and remote councils face. Our support services are targeted to the business of local government (and more), from a commercial perspective. 

We embrace the possibilities of tomorrow

We guide local councils and other organisations through projects that improve and modernise their customer services. Our work is for the benefit of community and a sustainable tomorrow.

We are 100% owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland

Peak Services consolidates five former government-focussed businesses – Propel, Resolute IT, Total Solutions, LGIS and Local Buy – into one enhanced team.

Peak Services is a knowledge bank and services hub, capable of delivering the most challenging projects from inception to completion. 

Our expanded expertise and processes can deliver in ways previously only imagined. Our insight and ability to solve unique issues of local government has never been stronger.

Together, we can empower your workforce, services and assets to do better and achieve more.

Peak Services in a nutshell: