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Solar Power Concept Design

Lockyer Valley Regional Council engaged Peak Services to undertake energy management activities (including installation of a monitoring system), solar power concept design, including structural and electrical suitability assessments of three targeted sites.  Peak reported to council the current electrical and structural conditions at each site with respective suitability for a solar installation including proposed system size (depending on available space and consumption), savings to council and return on investment.

After completion of the concept design, following recommendations from Peak, Lockyer Valley Regional Council engaged Peak to procure the project.

Peak assisted council to assess tender submissions and provide a recommendation based on the selection criteria.  Considering budget allocation at the time and estimated capital costs identified during the concept design study, council resolved to stage installations and first started with the Cultural Centre and then gradually moved onto other sites.

In addition to the installation of the solar plant at the Cultural Centre, Peak assisted council to perform an LED lighting audit to identify further potential savings through LED upgrade and provided respective financial returns including payback periods at the Sports and Aquatic Centre. Peak is currently assisting the Lockyer Valley Regional Council to explore the best combination (LED upgrade and solar) to optimse the electricity cost savings.