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Two New Graduates for the Diploma of Local Government

Somerset Regional Council’s Cheryl Gaedtke and Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Michael Hagan are two of the latest graduates of Peak Services - Diploma of Local Government (Elected Members).

The Diploma has been developed to provide councillors with essential information, skills and perspective to successfully undertake their roles. As an elected member, attendees will develop specific practices to ensure the development and implementation of management systems, plans and policies within local government. The Diploma is relevant to councillors and covers all key areas of knowledge. 

The course covers a range of topics including planning legislation, asset management, budgeting, finance management, and human resource management.

Those who undertake the course, work closely with staff members and officers within their own councils to gain an insight into how the organisation runs day to day.

The Diploma includes a total of 12 one-day courses and must be completed within 24 months. 

Further details on the course is available here.

Email training@wearepeak.com.au or call 3000 2148 to enrol today.