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Western Downs Reduces Their Electricity Costs

Peak Services is helping Queensland local governments significantly reduce their electricity costs with Western Downs Regional Council in the State's south-west benefiting from ongoing savings.

In 2015, Peak Services reviewed council’s electricity tariffs resulting in over $453,000 in savings to date from electricity tariff analyses and also the transfer of some sites into the contestable electricity market. 

These savings were made due to Peak Services working in close collaboration with Western Downs Regional Council.

Analysis of council’s 335 sites led to a recommendation to change tariffs on 12 larger sites and several smaller ones. The savings from the tariff analyses totalled $423,000. 

In early 2018, Peak Services used the detailed data gathered over the previous two years to identify six large sites which would make extra savings (approximately $180,000 per annum) by transferring to the contestable market.

The use of the tender process utilising the Local Buy panel of electricity retailers and arranged for the transfer of those six sites to the successful retailer.

By monitoring the retail and network components of the six sites in the contestable market, Peak Services identified that the distribution company had not assigned the most advantageous distribution loss factors to the six sites. They then arranged for those distribution loss factors to be corrected which consequently will save an extra $7,000 per annum for council.      

Concurrently, Western Downs Regional Council investigated the benefits of solar generation and subsequently installed solar panels on their top 20 major facilities. Due to again working closely with Peak Services, there was another great outcome for council. In the next 12 months council expects to recoup close to $200,000 on its $600,000 initial outlay for the solar equipment.

"Overall, the team at Peak Services have provided Western Downs Regional Council with professional and specialised assistance which has resulted in significant cost savings that we can now channel back into improving facilities and services in our communities." — Scott Peut, General Manager (Corporate Services) Western Downs Regional Council.