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Bridging the training gap

Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) wanted to offer training to their staff and take advantage of the benefits this brings to them and the community. But they were faced with an enormous challenge.

42,000 square kilometres of water and 15 island communities

Restricted travel options and the high cost of travel meant fewer staff were receiving training. There wasn’t any flexibility to train when and where it suited Council. A Peak training solution was called for.

The objective

  • Improve service delivery with more access to training for all staff
  • Improve performance and willingness to study
  • Help staff take more responsibility for roles
  • Improve organisational skills
  • Extend Council’s investment in staff development

Peak’s Learning Management Solution


A web-based Learning Management System (LMS) has enabled staff to be trained onsite across all 15 Council offices, where internet access was available.

Rich Content

Trainees can access a suite of eLearning courses covering compliance, professional development, MS Office Suite and local government specific courses.


This solution has provided TSIRC with the ability to develop and host in-house learning materials within their own LMS environment.

The result?

Improved efficiency

Pressure on the training budget was relieved. More staff could train for less.

Better flexibility

Training can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on the spot, when convenient to Council.

More accessible

The online solution gives additional staff training opportunities where previously they would have missed out. Being able to incorporate training into their daily work life means not having to be away from home after work hours. This way they are no longer being disadvantaged and now have access to professional development opportunities.

Increased productivity

Without the need to travel to training events, there’s less loss of productivity.

We are proud of the many training solutions and services we provide to councils throughout the state, in particular to the rural and remote councils who often have the biggest challenges of all with distance and increased costs.