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Elected Member Training Workshops at the 2018 LGAQ Annual Conference

If you are joining us for this year’s 2018 LGAQ Conference, why not take advantage of Peak’s Elected Member Training Workshops? Four workshops covering community leadership, change management, financial reports and budgets as well as strategic planning will be on offer. Which course is of interest to you?


Effective Community Leadership for Elected Members

Our one day course focuses on the skills that councillors require to work successfully with other organisations in the community.


Change Management for Elected Members

Peak’s Change Management one day workshop discusses the leadership role of the council in sponsoring change and also recognises the importance of the CEO and council to work together to achieve significant change. 


Financial Reports and Budgets for Elected Members

This course explores the way in which local governments are required to plan for the future, develop an annual budget and monitor, review and interpret financial reports.


Strategic Planning for Elected Members

The Strategic Planning workshop uses existing legislation as its basis to explore the way in which local governments are required to plan for the future by establishing links between planning objectives, funding and reporting. 


These workshops are part of our current LGA50712 Diploma of Local Government (Elected Members) offerings which we have been delivering since 2014. Workshops will be held at the LGAQ Annual Conference venue, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday 29 October, from 9.00am–4.00pm.  Workshop pricing is $530 plus $220 if you wish to complete an assessment ($750). No GST applies.


Read more about the industry leaders trainers who will be facilitating these workshops.


If you would like further details or to enrol, please call Peak Services on 07 3000 2148 or email