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Embracing eLearning

By Patricia Paolini, Business Development Manager - Training

Ongoing and life-long learning is essential to us all, and with the changes that have occurred over recent times, we are embracing different ways of learning. We all love face to face training, however this can sometimes be prohibitive for staff in terms of attending, particularly from regional and remote areas. Councils’ training budgets are stretched and the ability to achieve more with less is an enticing benefit when considering different modes of delivery.   

As a result, many councils are embracing virtual workshops and eLearning.  Peak Services has over 100 eLearning courses on offer, some of which are local government specific, and dozens of titles within our Ethics and Conduct, Health and Safety and Health Care libraries. 

There are many benefits to eLearning training; courses are short and sharp and more likely to engage your learners; training can be undertaken 24/7 in any location worldwide with internet access; staff feel appreciated and more motivated to upskill; it breaks away from the daily routine; cost and time effective; provides small exciting challenges and is environmentally friendly (less paper usage and reduced carbon emissions).    

Peak’s range of local government e-Learning titles have been designed and developed by local government expert trainers and consultants. Councils can host courses on their own training platforms or via Peak Services’ learning management system. Local government specific courses include;  

  • Authorised Persons bundle (included Local Government Worker)  

  • Local Government Worker  

  • Reporting Corrupt Conduct  

  • Fraud Awareness for Council Officer  

  • Public Interest Disclosure (PID) for Governance Officers  

  • Public Interest Disclosure (PID) for Council Officers  

  • Code of Conduct  

  • Understanding Local Government  

Our eLearning library (website link here covers over 90 courses. Highlighted below are some of the focus areas important to local government.   

Ethics and Conduct  

Ethics and conduct training is essential to preserving a positive organisational culture that is responsive to any ethical dilemmas that could arise. Communicating ethical behaviours and implementing that behaviour into the workplace is an important strategy that can only improve an organisation. Courses include Bullying and Harassment for Managers and Supervisors; Dealing with Workplace Conflict; Sexual Harassment; Positive Workplace Culture and many more.  

Health and Safety  

Employees are your greatest asset to ensure you achieve organisation’s objectives, as well as meeting legal and moral obligations in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your organisation, and one of the best ways to retrain safety and maximise productivity. Courses include: Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace; Asbestos Awareness in the Workplace; Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors; Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training; Injury Management for Workers; Mental Health in the Workplace, Risk Management; Warden Training and many more.  

With around 70% of Queensland councils now using eLearning courses as a practical and cost-effective training method, the benefits to all of us are here to stay.   

If you would like to know more about our training courses please contact Patricia Paolini on 0407 966 716  or email for further information.