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Introducing Peak Services Legal

Queensland’s local government sector has welcomed the launch of a new legal service, at a time when councils are facing unprecedented public scrutiny.

Peak Services Legal is the first law practice to tailor its services specifically to the unique needs and challenges facing community leaders.

Legal Practice Director, Troy Wild said the new service owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) is built on a proud legacy of working alongside local government.

“During challenging times, or periods of crisis, the last thing local council leaders need is the added stress of shopping around for legal advice. We’re making it more convenient, relevant, and cost-effective.” Mr Wild said.

“Many Queensland councils have large, heavily unionised workforces, or are the region’s largest employer, and with this responsibility comes the challenge of navigating complex laws.”

“Our experienced team of legal practitioners, consultants and paralegals assist clients from start to finish, with the expertise of a national law firm but without the hefty price tag.”

Mr Wild said professional support in the areas of employment law, advocacy and litigation, workers’ compensation and work, health, and safety is just a phone call away.

“Most council staff simply don’t have the expertise in employment law. If clients need us by their side, then we hit the road!” Mr Wild said.

While mindful of its roots in local government, Peak Services Legal will also be offering its expertise to the private sector.

“It is so satisfying for myself, and our experienced, enthusiastic team to help community leaders get on with the job of supporting the people at the heart of their towns and cities,” Mr Wild said.

For further information contact:

Nikki Holden

Practice Manager