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Lockyer Valley Regional Council Cultural Centre

As part of its due diligence, Lockyer Valley Regional Council engaged Peak Services to undertake a concept design study including structural and electrical suitability assessments at its three targeted sites for solar generation. This was undertaken before Council proceeds to the procurement phase of its current program and subsequently install the panels. The targeted sites were:

  1. Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre
  2. Lockyer Valley Sports and Aquatic Centre
  3. Lockyer Valley Council Administration Office.

Considering budget allocation at the time, Council resolved to stage the installations and first start with the Cultural Centre and then gradually move unto other sites. The electrical and structural suitability assessment together with analysis of the Cultural Centre’s electricity consumption data indicated that this site is suitable for 200kW solar plant. However, Council’s budget could only extend to a 100kW rooftop solar plant. Hence, Council installed a 100kW on the right wing of the Cultural Centre (shown in the picture) and the remaining 100 kW is to be kept for future funding allocations.

After 20 years of operations, this initial 100kW solar installation will save the Lockyer Valley Regional Council over $500,000 in electricity consumption charges.

Now that the first 100kW solar installation is completed, Peak Services is assisting Council to explore options to proceed unto further stages in reducing its electricity consumption charges.