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Maximising Opportunities for Councils

Preparing a successful grant application can be challenging.  Peak Services grant strategy and writing services works with councils to deliver applications to maximise your opportunities to succeed.

At Peak, we pride ourselves on our collaborative and creative approach to grant writing. We work with clients to determine their needs and then help them to shape the project to give the application the best chance at success. In doing so we help our clients develop unique, innovative projects that often surpass their expectations.

One of these recent projects was for a remote community that was urgently in need of a cyclone shelter. Most funding programs are focused on employment and economic development, Peak worked with the Council to establish how the shelter could be multi-used to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The council had been working with a Registered Training Organisation to create a training organisation within the community but were still to identify where the program could be run. They had also lost their library building and had a need for serviced offices to support service providers and business people who visited this remote community regularly.

Through working with them and understanding their needs, Peak suggested they combine the Registered Training Organisation, library, serviced offices together with a temporary exhibition space and business incubator to provide opportunities for students after they had completed their training. The cyclone shelter was designed to include large operable walls that could close to make a matrix of training rooms, meeting spaces, open plan offices, temporary exhibition spaces and community use spaces, or be opened completely to be one large space for large events or to house people during cyclones. This also meant that the Council had one building to maintain that provided a vast array of services, community safety and incomes whilst utilising the space on a full-time basis, rather than only during cyclones or for very large events. As part of the application phase Peak worked with consultants to develop a concept plan and cost plan that reflected these requirements.

Some other successful grant writing projects include:

  • Mornington Island Disaster Resilience Facility
  • Central Highlands Ngoa River Nature Trail
  • Central Highlands Airport Runway Upgrade
  • Central Highlands Saleyards Expansion
  • Diamantina Shire Birdsville Rd Sealing Project
  • Bulloo Shire Music & Cultural Festival
  • Bulloo Shire Warry Gate Rd Sealing Project
  • Bulloo Connectivity Project
  • Longreach Saleyards Railway Siding
  • Mapoon Aged Care Expansion