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Peak Creates an Armed Robbery Awareness Workshop

Peak Services Presentation Coach, Gerald Pauschmann presents a two hour enthralling workshop on ARMED ROBBERY AWARENESS, a workshop created specifically for areas within council where cash is handled on a daily basis. What parts of your council handle cash on a daily basis?  Your library, rates collection/customer service, community centre, art gallery or tourist gift shop, waste transfer stations, swimming pools and other?

The world of today is a different place and incidents like this that may have seemed rare and unlikely in the past, can no longer be discounted. An armed robbery on your business would be a tragic event and could have a significant impact on the health, safety and welfare of your staff and the community. Community members are more likely to also be present at the locations mentioned.

The Armed Robbery Safety Awareness course is recommended for staff who handle cash on a daily basis but is recommended for all staff at all levels. 

Training up to 60 staff in any one-day event (3 x 2-hour events) and providing them with skills on how to manage robbery related risks; important aspects of safe behaviour during a robbery; how victim injury and victim behaviour can be linked; how to identify aspects of the crime; how to manage own health, safety and wellbeing and that of those around you.

Peak continues to provide current and up-to-date local government specific training services to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world and workplaces. Lowering risk and ensuring staff are skilled in the event of such an occurrence is crucial to maintaining the highest safety standards within your councils.

The Cash in Transit Code of Practice 2011, Item 4, provides details of how to reduce council’s risk in areas of council where cash is handled on a daily basis, by ensuring staff receive adequate training in what to do if such an event were to take place.

To discuss having this course delivered at your council, please contact Peak Training on 07 3000 2148 or email