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The Value Proposition of Local Government

By Celia Jones, Director Recruitment

In times of economic strain and uncertainty it is hard to mould career choices and know you are making the right decisions regarding your next move. What this highlights is, does your decision consider the longevity of the sector you are working in and how resilient is this sector in the face of global shocks? A strategic decision should also include seeking out stability, great benefits, and the opportunity to develop yourself. Local government has a lot to offer in this regard. 

Regardless of what your skillset is, it may not be necessary for you to leave your community to find your next challenge or more meaningful job, it may be closer than you think. Working for your local council can provide many of the same opportunities for your career as you will find in the private sector, with many of the tasks undertaken being the same. There are, however, some important differences that can make working for local government more attractive. 

Although salaries in this sector may not always seem as competitive to the private market, what must be considered is the ongoing benefits including stability and career progression. Most councils offer excellent superannuation benefits and depending on location, other extras such as housing, vehicles, more generous leave entitlements and professional development.  

Working in the local government sector, is rewarding just by the very nature of its existence, you are employed to serve the community you live in. There are enormous opportunities across regional Queensland to make a difference in a variety of fields, everything from childcare through to outdoor services to engineering to accounting, administration, law, and governance. 

When asked why local government is such an attractive employer and what he loves most about working in a regional and remote community, Ben Hill, Manager Water and Waste, Carpentaria Shire Council said, “The opportunities we have for job stability, the difference you can make to regional communities and helping the people in those communities achieve it for themselves. Being in the water and sewerage industry for 17 years, I manage councils' water, wastewater and waste infrastructure. I first started out with Douglas Shire in 2003 and have worked from the bottom up. What I love is being able to make a difference to community and ensuring they have reliable and safe water to drink and that wastewater treated to a standard that is safe for the environment and everyone in it. Working in a regional and remote community, you can see the difference that you make, your part of the community – not just one of many.” 

This is a dynamic sector which employs thousands of workers who enjoy the broad range of challenges, career support and work/life balance. There often exists the opportunity to cross train and therefore provide greater advancement in your career. You can even have a few adventures along the way, living and working outside of the capital cities. Regions often provide everything for families from all the sporting clubs to activities that city kids could only dream of being involved in.  

There has been no better time to consider a role with local government in any location. And even despite the downturn on the State’s economy, there will always exist a plethora of opportunity for those workers who are prepared to work in the beautiful backyard which is regional Queensland. 

If you would like to discuss anything recruitment related please contact Celia Jones on 0409 119 561 or Rona Horsfall on 0438 943 854.