Read below how we are maintaining service delivery for our customers Read below how we are maintaining service delivery for our customers

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At any one-time Peak are running training sessions for Queensland councils. These sessions have typically been delivered as inhouse or public courses throughout the state.

During this crisis, with the social distancing requirements that have been mandated, we have been implementing various technologies and delivery channels to maintain the upcoming course schedules for councils. We understand the need to maintain training for council staff and can provide assurance that the practices being implemented can alleviate concerns surrounding whether training is able to progress.

One of the technologies to enable our training continuum is the investment into Zoom Video Conferencing, a cloud-based enterprise video conferencing tool with real-time messaging and content sharing.

This style of training was recently delivered to Isaac Regional Council with both trainer and participants enjoying and participating throughout the sessions. Zoom allows real time video interaction, chat and collaboration and no licences are required by course participants. Peak will invite your staff to Zoom via a link, they are then in class at no additional cost to council and social distancing requirements are able to be maintained.

There are several added benefits to councils who choose to undertake training via Peak’s Zoom delivery. There is a definite cost-saving to councils with the reduction in training expenses and downtime. Council can ensure a ‘business as usual’ approach that in turn helps maintain staff morale during these challenging times, along with the flexibility to undertake training in the home or work location (WiFi dependant). Most importantly, our workforce is able to maintain and develop the skillsets required by your staff to perform their roles.

Our training team will continue to work with councils to organise delivery of the scheduled courses.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss please contact our Business Development Manager, Patricia Paolini on 0407 966716.