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Working Closely With Carpentaria Shire Council

As one of Australia’s most highly-experienced Infrastructure and Asset Management Advisors, Peak Services works closely with councils to develop fit for purpose, whole-of-Council asset management strategies and frameworks.  Peak transfers as much input and control as possible to Council Officers to ensure successful long-term delivery.

Carpentaria Shire Council is developing its asset management capability as part of its focus on good asset and service delivery practices and working towards a greater level of asset management maturity, transparency and sustainability.  Council wants to review and update its current asset management processes and practices with the objective of enhancing its financial stability and strategic planning.

Three of Peak’s Asset and Project Management Team headed up to Carpentaria recently to complete the first part of the project, which involved mapping out the as-is practices at council and providing high level training to Councillors and Officers on good Asset Management Practices.  Getting to Normanton, Carpentaria from Brisbane involved a flight up to Cairns and a transfer to a small regional plane which hops from town to town (including Mornington Island, Burketown and Doomadgee), known as the ‘milk run.’  Normanton is famous for its Gulflander motor train and Normanton to Croydon railway line which was built during the gold rush days in 1890.   Krys the 8.64cm croc, a replica of one found in 1967 in the Noman River, stands proudly outside of the Council offices.

Running the discovery and training workshops at Council not only provided Peak with an opportunity to meet those responsible asset custodians at council but allowed us to immerse ourselves in council’s asset management to properly capture its current state, allowing us to respond to council’s high priority needs.  Mapping out council’s as-is processes gained cross-departmental involvement and allowed the team to identify parts in the process that worked well, as well as those which needed changing so that the team could work toward one common purpose, rather than a siloed approach.  Councillors were also keen on finding out more about asset management considerations regarding prioritisation of works and service level agreements with the community.  

Council is cognisant that asset management planning and its linkages to finance are essential for good governance with asset management practices coming under increasing scrutiny from Government departments, including the Queensland Audit Office. It is imperative that councils pro-actively focus on the development of robust systems and procedures which deliver maximum value for rate payers.

Peak looks forward to returning to take on the second phase of the project where we prepare an Asset Management Development and Implementation Plan.