Finding the opportunities in efficient asset management Finding the opportunities in efficient asset management

1. Planning

Peak initially completed three asset management plans for the council’s water, sewer, and stormwater services. The ability to sustainably deliver these services in the long term was highlighted. The plans gave council a forward works program for asset renewal that could be tied to new or upgraded capital works projects.

2. Review

A holistic review of the asset register ensured it was aligned with the financials. Assets were allocated to relevant services. Missing assets and asset data was highlighted. Categorising the assets by services enabled detailed reporting of asset depreciation, and renewals could be reflected in budget allocations.

3. Service Plan

A service plan layout allowed the council to forecast service budgets (including revenue, expenditure and capital works renewals, and new projects) forward over a 10-year window. It allowed assets used for the delivery of a service (buildings, other structure, land, equipment etc.) to be consolidated and reported on and shown together with budgeted revenue and expenditure.

Longreach Regional Council’s service managers were better able to manage service levels, works programs, expenditure and planning for the assets under their control, while meeting financial reporting requirements

The Longreach Regional Council Project

  • Water Asset Management Plan
  • Sewer Asset Management Plan
  • Stormwater Asset Management Plan
  • Land Asset Management Plan
  • Plant and Equipment Asset Management Plan
  • Commercial Services Service Plan
  • Information Technology and Communication Service Plan
  • Libraries Service Plan
  • Disaster Service Plan
  • Arts and Culture Services Plan
  • Childcare Service Plan
  • Cemeteries Service Plan
  • Pools Service Plan
  • Parks Service Plan
  • Waste Management Service Plan