Outsourcing the point of contact between the community and its services in an emergency Outsourcing the point of contact between the community and its services in an emergency

A few names you might recognise, Yasi, Marcia and Debbie.  We have met them all.  Here is the story of just one of them.

In March 2017, Cyclone Debbie ravaged a 1,300 kilometre geographical spread down the Queensland coast, causing a domino effect of destruction and creating billions of dollars worth of damage.

  • 45,000 homes without power from Proserpine to Mackay
  • 6,000 plus SES tasks created
  • 1,000 uninhabitable homes
  • Major flooding

Out of Hours support to the rescue

During this time 20 councils and organisations called on Peak’s Out of Hours Contact Centre Services to provide a coordination point to liaise with the community and key emergency service departments.

We ramped up our customer service team so our clients could free up their council officers, allowing them to get on with dealing with on-the-ground disaster recovery and  network/safety issues.

Calm, work-like efficiency

To operate the service to its best capabilities, the skills of each customer services officer were assigned to the call system in accordance with their knowledge and experience.

7 times the number of average daily calls

The main call drivers were power outages, flooded roads, trees on the road, location of evacuation centres, evacuation zone enquiries and road closures.

Be Ready. Be Prepared. Don’t wait until it happens.

Because these councils were smart, these systems, procedures and scripts were already in place with us, meaning we were ready to go straight away.  As we all know, preparedness is the key, along with the ability to be fluid enough to adapt to the changing situations experiences during an event

Cyclone related enquiries for Mackay, Livingstone and Ipswich Councils were entered in the Guardian disasters management system.

We are proud that our services were able to seamlessly meet the need for emergency relief, and effective and efficient continuation of communication during this disastrous event in Queensland.