Developing regional grant writing skills, the journey Developing regional grant writing skills, the journey

In 2016 and in 2017 the skills that give regional councils the ability to secure grant funding were given a boost, when the Department of State Development engaged Peak to generate ways of improving grant application outcomes in Queensland.

Peak provided consulting assistance with an expert panel covering a wide range of project areas and technical specialties. This helped to resolve a variety of grant related issues and documentation.

Working collaboratively with Council staff gave us the opportunity to transfer skills to Council officers that will be of immense value to the future of their communities.

Cherbourg Historical Revitalisation Project

With Peak’s assistance Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council was able to lodge a grant application for funding to revitalise the iconic Ration Shed Museum. An application that was successful in securing the funding.

The Museum is housed in the original ration shed used for storage and distribution of daily food rations to residents under Government Settlement in the first half of the 20th century.

The project delivers critical refurbishment works to an important historical precinct as well as economic and social benefits for the Cherbourg community and broader communities around there.

Healing and reconciliation

The Ration Shed Museum gives Cherbourg locals a place to share their stories with visitors, who can see and experience what life was like for Aboriginal people under the Aboriginal Protection Act.

Connecting our regional communities with their past and sharing that experience with visitors is important to healing and reconciliation.

Developing the grant writing skills of our regions gave the traditional people of Cherbourg a voice.

Revitalising The Ration Shed Museum

  • Involves Aboriginal people in the management and delivery of the Museum’s activities
  • Refurbishes the Museum’s main buildings and outside areas
  • Creates connectivity within the precinct
  • Addresses accessibility and enhances safety
  • Improves the overall cultural experience
  • Delivers long-term financial sustainability to the community