Where do you want to go? Where do you want to go?

So much goes into growing thriving communities. In a state the size of Queensland, local government plays a big and an important part. 

Local government want to be connected with global information and leading technology. Find out how to improve customer service and get vital projects off the ground. Manage a workforce, infrastructure, energy and assets.

The services local governments need to perform to their peak performance. We unite an unmatched depth of knowledge, range of services and diversity of local government specialists under one roof. There's no other company like us in Australia, we have a track record of delivering best in class services across the nation.

A community bond strengthened by decades of service

The Local Government Association of Queensland, is built on a proud legacy of working with Queensland’s local government. The bond we have with Queensland communities is decades strong.

As Peak, we’re just getting started. Our people are using the knowledge from our proud legacy to develop new ways to respond to emerging challenges with services that harness the opportunities of a changing world.

Our combined professional strengths and integrated capabilities are as diverse as the communities you serve. Together we can embrace the possibilities, where unique and innovative solutions thrive.