Talent acquisition advice Talent acquisition advice

At Peak Services, we want you to have complete confidence in the recruitment process and achieve the best outcome for your organisation. We provide high-level support around a suite of complementary services.  

Think of us as your HR partner.

Our range of services can be stand-alone or part of your package of support:

  • Role profile preparation: let us create a candidate briefing pack that shows your organisation in the best light and defines clearly what the role involves. This willcomplement your PD therefore enabling us to attract the right calibre of candidates. Accurately defining the role at the outset speeds up the whole recruitment process and enhances your employer brand reputation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Interview profiling: create a great experience for both parties. We can help you prepare a consistent approach to interviews using a range of techniques including competency-based questions, and more creative forms of assessment for confident, effective decision making.                                           
  • Reference checking: our thorough reference checking provices you with honest insight into your potential hire’s management style, personality traits and behaviours under pressure to ensure that they will live up to expectations.  Police Checks and Psychometric Testing can also be organised if required.                                                                                                               
  • Recruitment system consulting: we can assist in assessing your entire recruitment function and provide advice on more efficient procedures, practice sand policies resulting in the best recruitment outcomes for your organisation. Our vast knowledge of internal support mechanisms required to run successful campaigns can be utilised to help overcome internal roadblocks and time delays appointing crucial staff.