Peak Workforce solutions Peak Workforce solutions

Workforce management, investigations, legislation, employment and industrial matters are a serious business for local government. Peak Workforce Services are tailored to your council, where they can be implemented strategically and realistically applied. We work together to understand and deliver to your objectives and expectations. 

Together we address the needs of council, management, staff and the community

This might involve an Investigation in the workplace. It could be an Industrial Relations matter. Do you require HR Support or a tailored Executive PPR solution?

Worforce Services include on-the-job training and short courses with topics like code of conduct training, managing poor conduct or workplace law. Our nationally accredited training can be delivered in real and online classrooms, giving diverse or dispersed teams flexibility. 

Peak solutions in:

  • EB negotiations and advice
  • Investigations and actions
  • Workforce reviews
  • IR support and advice
  • HR support and advice services
  • HR advance online advice and templates
  • Senior executive performance reviews