Asset Management

Peak Services Legal is built on a proud legacy of working alongside local government in Queensland. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Local Government Association of Queensland, and the only legal practice to be owned by such an organisation

Asset Management

Managing your community’s assets 

Effective asset management ensures councils proactively manage the condition of their assets and plan strategically to maintain service levels, reduce budget shock and improve sustainability. 

Peak assists councils to align and assess the performance of their asset management framework, long term financial plans, asset management policies, strategies, management plans (asset and service), works programs and services levels. 

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Our Asset Management team can help you understand your short- and long-term asset planning requirements, laying the platform for improved reporting, option analysis, resource maximisation and financial sustainability.

    Our approach is to work alongside your asset team and pass our knowledge, tools and templates to enable council to be self-sufficient. This assists in achieving the asset management improvements that deliver long term value to your community.

  • Peak assists councils with the development of their Asset Management Policies including the Asset Accounting Policy, the Asset Management Policy and the Asset Custodian Policy. 

    Peak’s preparation of Asset Management Strategies incorporates the requirements of continual improvement in their design. 

    Peak can assist councils to review and develop Levels of Service for their asset classes and categories.

  • Peak can provide Asset Management Plans in both an in-house format or a format provided by our clients. The asset management plans are in accordance with the guidelines of the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM). The asset management plans include the identification of high risk assets and the proposed approaches to mitigate their risks and improvement plans to guide evolution of asset management practices and gain maturity in their management of assets 

  • Peak can work with our clients to review and map their current asset management practices, identify target levels of performance and develop improvement plans to achieve those goals. The Asset Management Improvement Plans set out changes required to be undertaken by our clients and estimates a timeframe for the works. The improvement plan outlines which changes need to be made to governance and the technical and information systems required to improve management of assets. It also highlights alignment issues with corporate planning and how to address these as future improvements. 

  • As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Peak has provided accredited and bespoke asset management focussed local government administration training to council executives and Officers for over 23 years. Our courses will help you gain a better understanding of asset management practices, budget preparation and compliance and develop the ability to review asset management policies and procedures within council. 

  • Peak assists Councils with the development of their corporate data model, the identification of mandatory fields and acceptable values. In addition, Peak works with Council to develop their data management procedures and data improvement plans. These plans evaluate the quality and confidence Council has in its asset data, then presents a strategy to improve both. 

  • Peak assists clients to build asset registers that align with their financial register and comply with the International Infrastructure Management Manual guidelines. In addition, Peak data professionals build data load files to ensure the smooth transition of data for system or software upgrades. 

  • For clients with limited access to suitably qualified resources, Peak’s asset management professionals can undertake the asset management roles and responsibilities on your behalf. These services include developing and monitoring policies and strategies, facilitating steering committee meetings, managing asset registers, revaluations, data management and capitalisation procedures and addressing audit enquiries. In addition, Peak can provide Asset Management Improvement Plans, condition assessment plans, maintenance management plans and activity based budget reviews that align with council’s goals and objectives. 

  • The AMDM is a suite of documents to help local governments navigate decisions around asset management.  The tools apply best practice in governance and leadership and offer a step by step process to making informed decisions around managing council assets. The tools may be used to augment, customise or amend an existing organisation wide asset management methodology. 

    The tools were created in partnership with a working party comprising the following Queensland local government participants:  

    • Townsville City Council  
    • Bundaberg Regional Council  
    • Burdekin Shire Council  
    • Gympie Regional Council  
    • Scenic Rim Regional Council  
    • Western Downs Regional Council.  

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