Tony Holmes

Senior Facilitator & Consultant

Tony Holmes

About Tony

Extending the potential of people and organisations to succeed has been Tony’s core focus for the past three decades.

Tony’s expertise lies in helping people go from the knowing to the doing, while readily transferring new knowledge and skills into today’s dynamic workplaces

Key Experience

International consulting and training

All levels of public & private sector organisations

Leadership development

Applied management systems and processes

Organisational effectiveness reviews

Project management practitioner

Defence Strategic and logistic planning specialist

Core Capacity

  • Certified Management Consultant Emeritus
  • Professional Facilitator
  • Leadership & Management matters


  • Master of Public Administration.
  • Graduate Australian Staff College. Military Masters equivalent in strategic and logistic planning.
  • Graduate Royal Military College of Science, UK. Military Masters equivalent in application of science and technology for Defence purposes.
  • Graduate Diploma in Administration.
  • Diploma of Project Management.
  • Cert IV TAE.
  • Certified Management Consultant.
  • Current PhD research