Deliver Responsible Pet Ownership Education in Schools

We provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications (local government specific) and council-specific non-accredited short courses as well as other professional development training options.

Who should Attend?

Animal management officers, pick-up officers/rangers, local laws officers or any local government officer whose role includes educating primary school students on responsible pet ownership. This program is linked to the national curriculum and gives attendees skills on how to interact with and engage students of all ages effectively.

Learning Outcomes

Gain skills in how to interact and engage with students of all ages with regards to responsible pet ownership.

Participants will receive lesson plans and other resources useful to their roles as Education Officers.

Short Course details

Short Course Topics
Design a lesson template for your Council
How to deliver an interactive school based lesson
Dog safety
Responsible pet ownership
Classroom and teacher expectations
Learn tips on how to engage students of all ages
How to increase audience participation
Our senior specialist instructor for this course has over 25 years’ experience in the animal industry, nine of which in local government as a council Education Officer. She is also an Authorised Officer in Microchipping throughout Australia. This course will provide participants with an interactive session including group discussions, case study reviews and Question and Answer sessions. Customisation is available for this course and in-house courses are recommended as both a cost-effective and proven methodology.
Duration & location
Our standard structure for this workshop is 1 day (6 hours). This workshop is best delivered in-house at council in any metropolitan or regional area of Queensland. Customisation is available based on individual council requirements.
Fees & Inclusions

Please contact Peak Services for course fees or a proposal for onsite/in-house training.


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Upcoming Dates:

    9 August 2022
    Virtual Classroom and Instructor-led
    8 November 2022
    Virtual Classroom and Instructor-led