Belinda Imbriano


Belinda Imbriano

About Belinda

Belinda brings more than 5 years’ experience in workplace relations and employment law to both the public and private sector. Belinda has experience advising clients on a broad range of employment law and HR matters including award interpretation, anti-discrimination, wage enquiries, long service leave, dismissals, and management of employees' performance and conduct issues. Belinda has experience representing clients before the QIRC in relation to underpaid or unpaid wages.  

Belinda is a well-credentialed legal professional who has acquired postgraduate qualifications in both Legal and Human Resource disciplines, with a view to developing specialisation in these areas. She also brings national experience working in both Victorian and Queensland jurisdictions, in addition to the Western Australian State system.  

Belinda is a welcome addition to Peak’s Legal and Workforce Services Team. 

Belinda imbriano

Key Experience

Belinda commenced her legal and workforce relations journey at the Fair Work Commission. Belinda worked directly with Deputy President’s and Commissioners, in conducting analysis of enterprise agreements, meeting directly with members of the commission to advise and discuss issues from the agreement analysis and drafting correspondence to employer and/or legal representatives regarding the identified legal issues within the enterprise agreements.  

Since that time, Belinda has worked in private practice on behalf of several private legal firms in the capacity of Workplace Relations, Employment and IR lawyer. Over this time, Belinda has demonstrated capability in legal advisory, representation, litigation, compliance, submissions, and advocacy. Belinda has worked on complex matters, including a recognised Fair Work Commission decision in relation to domestic violence where the employer was successful in the arbitration.  

Belinda has combined her industry experience with post-graduate study to finely hone her speciality in industrial relations and employment law and enjoys assisting businesses and employers to resolve their employment law and industrial relations issues within the workplace.  

Core Capacity

  • Award Interpretation 

  • Drafting Employment Contracts, Policies and Documents 

  • Interpretation of Industrial Instruments 

  • Employee Conduct Assessments 

  • Workplace and Compliance Audits 


  • Graduate Diploma – Legal Practice 

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) 

  • Bachelor of Legal Studies 

  • Certificate IV in Human Resources