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Feature article written by Harness Safety

Did you know in Australia in 2020, approximately 50% of worker fatalities reported by SafeWork Australia, involved falls from heights, objects falling from heights, being hit by moving objects and getting trapped by moving objects or machinery. That is roughly 100 people dying over 12 months across the country1.

Not surprisingly, most of these fatalities are machinery operators, labourers and technicians. But surprisingly, there are also managers, professionals and personal service workers. 

If you read the serious claims data from SafeWork Australia (including only those reported and accepted for workers’ compensation with work absences of more than one week), in 2019/20 there were over 120,000 incidents. the data also shows, workers lost a median time off work of nearly 7 weeks each while injured1.

These statistics are very sobering and provide a reminder that despite the availability of safety training, safety at work continues to be a big issue.  Absences from work of nearly 7 weeks1 creates a big impact on families. And when you consider the need for businesses to continue critical daily business services, it should make you question: can you afford to lose staff for multiple weeks due to injury?

A strong focus on personal, employee, and colleagues’ safety to ensure personal well-being within the workplace needs to be more than ticking a box; it sneeds be a priority.  With many workplace safety incidents being preventable, the focus needs to shift to how we can prioritise a safe work environment for ourselves and our work families (your employees). Ensuring enhanced and ongoing situational awareness and skills is key, and that means a proactive focus on the right training - consistently and repeatedly.

Peak has teamed up with RTO Provider, Harness Energy to offer localised access to short safety courses2. We have strategically curated a set of safety training courses that meet the specific needs of various departments within organisations and council operations:


In the Office (or general safety related)

  • First Aid, CPR, HSR and Fire Training
    • An essential and useful group of short training courses that support mutual safety and the ability to deal with emerging safety situations or being a first responder. Expand your knowledge and value within the organisation with Cert IV in WHS - a 5 day intensive course. Who knows, you might find a new opportunity with this qualification under your belt to add value across your organisation.


In the Field (construction related)

Working at Heights, Rescue, Low Voltage Rescue, Elevated Work Platforms

With so many roles out in the field for council staff, if you are focused in construction, not only are you working in potentially risky settings such as confined spaces or heights, but you are also likely to be handling machinery or tools. If it's been a few years since a training course or refresher was completed, you may be surprised at how much you might have forgotten. Some of the training that will be valuable for you includes the short courses which improve your safety when Working at Heights or in confined spaces entry, +/- Rescue, Low Voltage Rescue, and Elevated work platforms. Hazard identification is also very relevant in the field. It’s important to optimise situational awareness to help prevent issues from arising in the first place.


Warehousing and handling goods

Manual Handling, Dogging, Telehandling, Forklift Training

Clearly many staff also work across other settings such as warehousing or handling goods.  You may need to upskill for a variety of goods handling, lifting and moving through specific skill courses such as Manual Handling, Dogging, Telehandling or Forklift training. Clearly, if you are involved in roles that handle any hazardous materials you might like to look at your Spill Response Training too! 


In the Field (Transport, Regional)

Fatigue Management, Chain of Responsibility, Load Restraint

Many staff work across other settings such as transport or in remote geographical areas. We have valuable courses that range from Fatigue Management, Chain of Responsibility, and Load Restraint through to 4WD, and operating and maintaining vehicles in the field. 


Given both the broad range of safety needs across organisations and councils, and the different types of training needed, we offer delivery of training at convenient training facilities in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Chinchilla, or we can bring the training to your site with our Harness mobile training unit - anywhere in Queensland. You now have access to critical safety training where it is needed; the places you and your team work!

If you want to know more, book a chat or conversation email 



2 - Harness Energy Services is a Registered Training Provider RTO 40521. More information on Harness Energy can be found at their website:


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