Project Management

We have a long history and solid reputation for delivering high quality, flexible and adaptive project management solutions.

Project Management

Providing end to end project solutions

Peak has developed unique systems and processes that are proven to ensure high-quality outcomes, delivering value throughout the lifecycle of your end to end project. 

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Our Project management specialists can deliver a broad mix of construction projects including roads, bridges, airports, buildings (commercial, mixed-use, industrial, agricultural, education, tourism) waste and water and sewer assets as well as community assets. 

    We provide tailored management services for every stage of the project, including strategies, project initialisation, business case development, design management, procurement and completion on behalf of, or with, council.   

    We can act as superintendent for the project and provide contract administration and inspection services. We also have extensive experience in contract management and administration.  

    Peak is an accredited Project Management Service provider with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and our project solutions include: 

    • Strategic initiative advice 
    • Strategic project advice 
    • Project due diligence 
    • Value and risk assessments 
    • Project assurance 
    • Gateway/stage gate review 
    • Procurement management 
  • Our team can work with you to develop a robust procurement strategy which may include a selection of consultants and contractors from council’s own supplier pre-qualified arrangements, Local Buy panel arrangements or by select or open market tendering.  

    We will maximise the provision of goods and services from local suppliers and fully investigate procurement options with council. 

    Peak has vast experience assisting local government procurement teams of experienced and qualified consultants and/or contractors to deliver attributes of a project.

  • Peak will ensure that projects meet regulatory compliance set by government regulators and use our extensive knowledge to access funding wherever possible. 

    Peak can assist council to obtain Development, Building, Plumbing, QFES, Traditional Owner and/or environmental approvals for the works (where required), and help council mitigate the impact on residents, businesses, other projects, tourists/visitors and tourism operators accessing property and attractions in the area. 

  • Peak has a strong track record of DRFA program delivery, assisting communities to recover essential infrastructure when council resources are stretched. We have managed 34 projects across 20 councils with a value in excess of $1 billion dollars, representing in excess of seven per cent of the $14 billion of DRFA (former NDRRA) funded works since 2011. 

    Our approach and experience is to work in collaboration with council staff united with the single goal of returning the community back to normality. Our management, procurement and technical engineering experience in DRFA programs of works gives us a unique skill set to dovetail with Council’s resources to deliver optimum outcomes. 

    Peak has renowned experience in managing the full scope of issues that can arise in DRFA program delivery, including weather delays, negotiations, cash flow, over-charging, contractor breaches, and quality management.  

    Our depth of experience in applying mitigation strategies is tried and tested through our extensive experience. This ensures that most issues are pre-managed and do not become material risks to delivery. Our knowledgeable DRFA team will, through careful management of program financial and technical attributes, ensure you obtain the full reimbursement of DRFA expenditure.  

    We help clients deliver successful DRFA funded projects by: 

    • Assisting in accessing DRFA funding 
    • Accelerating access to funding, human resources, plant/equipment/materials for the restoration and/or replacement of damaged public assets 
    • Developing a strategy for procurement and delivery 
    • Preparing technical and commercial specifications and scopes which align with approved works 
    • Undertaking inspections and contract administration of DRFA funded restoration works packages 
    • Procuring suitably experienced civil contractors to undertake DRFA funded restoration works packages 
    • Managing construction contracts and restoration works 
    • Meeting requirements and accelerate council’s ability to deliver restoration and replacement of damaged essential public assets and infrastructure 

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