Give your people the opportunity for professional development Give your people the opportunity for professional development

We provide an opportunity to excel through an all-encompassing program specifically designed for government. 

Peak is your training provider of choice. Peak provides accredited training (RTO: 30003) and short course workshops, as well as eLearning solutions for government and the private sector.

Our courses are suited to government employees at all levels including council officers, supervisors, team leaders, managers, senior staff and CEOs and are all delivered within a government context.  Webinars and eLearning are also available reducing risk to councils and providing an efficient solution for our regional and remote clients. 

Peak training

  • is meaningful, engaging and practical
  • focuses on the many roles in local government
  • offers professional development and desktop courses with accredited qualifications
  • assembles highly skilled and experienced professionals with years of practical and training experience in their field
  • meets the needs of the local government with customised and publicly scheduled events.