CEO's and Executive Leaders

Choose from a range of courses designed to refresh, engage and empower leaders and their executive teams.

CEO and Executive Leaders

In Queensland, local government operates under the Local Government Act 2009. The responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Directors within Queensland local government are defined by this legislation and other relevant regulations and guidelines.

The CEO and Directors play pivotal roles within their councils by ensuring that the local government operates effectively, provides essential services to its community, and complies with relevant legislation and regulations. They work closely with elected council members to translate the council's strategic vision into practical actions and outcomes.

The key qualities and skills required by a CEO and their teams include strategic leadership; administration and management; policy implementation; financial management; stakeholder engagement; compliance, human resources and community relations.

As business environments evolve, the responsibilities and expectations for council leaders magnify and change, therefore the journey requires those who have adept business skills and a continuous learning and adaptability mindset.

Peak’s new range of CEO and Executive Leadership programs are suited to new or experienced CEOs and Directors who are seeking to refresh their skills and for executives who have strong technical skills whose success requires the need to engage and empower their people.  It is also for those councils looking to develop a strong culture of leadership and effective leadership brand for their executive team.

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