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Lisa Harrison

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Dr Lisa Harrison: Micro-Influencer Researcher and Educator

Dr Lisa Harrison is a dedicated researcher from the Queensland University of Technology, specialising in the study of micro-influencers within the creative industries. Her groundbreaking thesis investigated the professional practices of micro-influencers, who are influential social media users emerging in engaged smaller online communities.


Dr Harrison has developed a comprehensive theoretical model that defines five dimensions of micro-influence. This model identifies the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that shape communication practices in contemporary culture, providing valuable insights for understanding the impact of micro-influencers in today's digital landscape. The research empowers individuals to become effective micro-influencers in their chosen profession, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complex world of online influence. Through her research at the Queensland University of Technology, Dr Harrison has made significant contributions to the understanding of micro-influencers and their role in the creative industries. By developing a comprehensive model and educational resources, she has paved the way for future studies and practical applications of micro-influence in various professional fields.

Key Experience

Works with one-on-one training, small groups or classroom groups

Help participants meet their objectives using social media and other digital platforms.

Core Capacity

  • Business/Management
  • Social Media
  • Marketing


  • Doctorate of Creative Industries Field of Study Media & Communication
  • Certificate IV Business Field of Study Business, Management, Marketing & Related Support Services
  • Certificate IV Training & Assessment
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries Field of Study Media & Communication
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