Sue-Ellen Kusher

Sue-Ellen Kusher

Sue-Ellen Kusher

About Sue-Ellen

Since 1994 Sue-Ellen has been helping people find ways of accessing, learning, testing and perfecting techniques that work for them. She specialises in environments requiring complex communication – presentation, conflict, motivation, performance management, team productivity and especially Leadership. As a learning facilitator and a Master Practitioner of NLP (the study of behavioural excellence) her skill set is aided by her accreditation in assessment and development tools focused on Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Performance, Personality Profiling, and Mediation.

Core Capacity

  • Influence Situations (presentation, meetings, performance, mediations team productivity etc.)
  • Overcoming difficult situations


  • Equiv. Cert IV Training and Assessment with Instruction and Competency upgrades
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Master Facilitator and Coach of NLP
  • MBTI and MTRi (teams)
  • Transactional Analysis
  • DiSC Profiling
  • BarOn EQi Assessment and 360 Feedback
  • Professional Actor MEAA

Relevant Experience

Whether you hold an existing leadership or management position, or you are another type of Council employee; the rules are the same. Every time you speak to another person you are both representing and presenting a message about Councils. Your ability to represent well, the functions of Council and present the value, purpose and effectiveness of what is being asked, is pivotal in today’s communication crazed environment.

This is where Sue-Ellen operates and has developed skills, examples, options, approaches, and strategy, that make a difference.  Her goal is to help every person with whom she works, feel better, want better, and look for better options that will deliver improved outcomes.  Sue-Ellen Kusher has accumulated  close to 30 years of successful outcomes that demonstrate the worth of the effort she make on your behalf.

Key Experience

Developed and delivered 5 day Journey into Leadership for TMR,

DPC and State Development – 5 to 6 programs per year for 11 years; an industry record with an average enrolment wait time of 2.5 years. The sustainable change (documented and measured) was researched by 3 individual universities because of the outstanding results achieved.

Major Leadership/Change project for California State University (27 campus) USA and Italy.

Researched by University elite because of the instant success of this program

Developed and piloted the inaugural Leadership for Women at UQ – now fully funded 16-month program

Long-lived relationships with BCC, SCCC and RCC focusing on leadership, customer service, diversity, conflict and presentation

Designed the Dispute Resolution Model for the Land Court of Qld

ACCC developing specific skills for graduate performance – 11 years

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Sue-Ellen Kusher

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