Jae Mackenzie

Junior Waste Advisory

Jae Mackenzie

About Jae

Jae is a current undergraduate student at the Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Civil & Environmental Engineering with Honours. His background in construction administration provides a strong foundation for project administration.

After undertaking work placement at Peak services through QUT, Jae has joined the Waste Management team as a Project Administrator while continuing his study. Since joining Peak, Jae has had the opportunity to work on several projects for councils across Queensland and continues to improve his experience.

Key Experience

McKinlay Shire Council Landfill Provision

Assisted in the Account for Provision Report, reviewed and edited Concept Closure and Post-Closure Plans, Hydrology & Geology research

Hinchinbrook Shire Council Landfill Cell

Prepared a scope of works for landfill expansion, prepared procurement documents, evaluated Request for Quotation submissions

Grandchester Rail Extension and Locker Valley Bus Enhancement Feasibility Analysis

Prepared a Quality of Service, Capacity and Change to Existing Service Analysis of a hypothetical proposed Grandchester Rail Extension and Lockyer Valley Feeder Bus.

Great Barrier Reef Strategic Environmental Analysis

Investigated options for accommodating growth and reducing the environmental impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

Built a scientific consensus and comparing to current legislation and policy

Utilised GIS and analytical strategies to review options and the potential impact within a statistical local area.

Core Capacity

  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Research
  • Risk Analysis
  • Landfill Modelling
  • RFQ Evaluation
  • Contract Management


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Environmental) (Honours)
  • Diploma of Interactive Digital Media