Procurement Office

Our team of procurement specialists understand the critical pathways of the procurement process for government entities and public enterprise.

Procurement Office

Our advanced understanding of the procurement process allows us to provide procurement services to public and private organisations throughout Australia.

Peak's procurement services enables clients to reduce risk, improve compliance, streamline the tender process, and ensure fit-for-purpose contracts are awarded to appropriate contractors, while reducing costs.

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Our procurement specialists can manage the tender process for you:

    • Draft scopes of work/supply
    • Build tender templates
    • Select contract templates to match the scope
    • Identify suppliers and contractors for the bid list
    • Engage the market with an Invitation to Tender
    • Respond to tender clarifications
    • Evaluation of tender proposals
    • Draft tender reports
    • Inform successful and unsuccessful tenderers of the outcome
    • Draft contract documentation and finalise contract signatures.

    For clients experiencing a backlog of work or who have contracts expiring soon that don’t have time to develop, process and evaluate tenders, our specialists can process tenders for you.

    Tenders, Contracts and Procurement Capabilities 



    Design and Construction Projects 

    • Construction of Council Administration Offices 
    • Sports Complexes 
    • Parks and Recreational Facilities 
    • Pools and Thermal Baths 

    Plant Hire 

    • Road Maintenance Services 
    • Earthworks and Site Preparation 
    • Plant Hire (Wet and Dry) 
    Community Waste Services
    • General Waste Collection
    • Recycling Services

    Property Leases and Property Management Agreements 

    • Sports Complexes 
    • Public Swimming Pools 
    • Accommodation – caravan parks and camping grounds 

    Trade Services 

    • Electricians 
    • Mechanical Technicians 
    • Plumbers 
    • Handyman Services and Building Refurbishment 
    • HVAC Services (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) 

    Fleet Operations 

    • Heavy Vehicles - (trucks) 
    • Light Vehicles - (sedans, wagons, utilities etc) 
    • Grounds Care Equipment – (ride on mowers/tractors) 

    Facilities Maintenance 

    • Vegetation Management, Landscaping and Lawn Care
    • Cleaning Services and Pest Control 
    • Fire Alarms, Fire Hoses and Extinguisher Maintenance 
    • Security Services 
    • Signage Maintenance 

    Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) 

    • Computer systems, networks, hardware and software 
    • Communication, voice and data transfer systems 
    • E-commerce and internet systems 
    • Act as an Independent Procurement Administrator or Tender Assessor
    • Implement transparent processes for the separation of an organisation’s members of a tender evaluation team
    • Manage access to information, ensuring measures are applied for the confidentiality of procurement and tender documentation
    • Maintain records of the procurement process
    • Advice on probity issues
  • Our specialists will conduct strategic procurement reviews on procurement processes and procedures, and assist in identifying areas for improvement:

    • Procurement policies
    • Procurement templates
    • Approval and governance frameworks
    • Forward contracting plans
    • Purchasing strategies
    • Contract management processes
    • Procurement performance and key performance indicators
    • Critical strategic relationships with suppliers
  • Peak Services have established supply chain maps for the identification of local supplier capability. Much of our work is undertaken on behalf of regional councils where engagement of local suppliers is important.

    Our specialists can develop procurement strategies tailored to meet the local content objectives, including buying local, social procurement and Indigenous engagement.

  • Peak Services can assist organisations with local or regional procurement alliances, particularly in rural and remote areas, aimed at enhancing economies of scale, increasing the range and quality of services, and where possible, reducing the cost of services through a collaborative approach based on a win-win outcome.

    • Enhance processes for compliance
    • Standardise Workplace Health and Safety documents and contractor induction processes to reduce duplication of effort and the regulatory burden on suppliers
    • Simplify the tender, quotation and contract documents within the Alliance
    • Identify opportunities for improved delivery.

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