Energy Advisory

As Peak, our energy experts are at the forefront of innovation and future proofing energy generation, use and distribution.

Energy Advisory

Helping light the way for Councils

Councils are big users of energy, representing a significant cost for them. Peak specialises in partnering with councils to provide innovative products and complementary advisory services that reduce the energy spend. 

From energy contracting and analysis to embedded energy generation, we focus on efficient, cost-effective solutions that are tailored for local government. Peak’s energy services cover all project phases and our solutions are technology agnostic, not focused on vendor driven solutions and products. 

Our independence and in depth understanding of local government empowers us to be focussed on our customers’ needs. With more than a decade of experience, Peak selects the best, suitably qualified supplier/ product for each individual project and client. 

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Peak currently manages 70% of the Queensland local government sector’s contestable market energy requirements - valued at approximately $40 million per annum. Further, rural councils that are not represented in this market also benefit from significant savings under Peak’s services.  

    Energy arrangements are coordinated across multiple councils to ensure the best possible results, through a process involving comprehensive market analysis, engaging in key regulatory bodies and negotiation with retailers. 

    Procurement is prepared by our in-house team of probity, legal and technical experts whose recommendations reflect the best overall value for money. 

  • Peak has performed tariff analysis for more than 10,000 accounts from over 30 councils and not-for-profit organisations, saving these users more than $5 million since 2015.  

    Our experts gather data from metering companies, distribution and transmission network providers and council’s own historical accounts, and analyse trends in electricity consumption. By comparing current tariff arrangements for each site with the best available tariff, we identify and forecast future savings that would occur under a transfer to a more suitable tariff.  

  • Our energy team conducts energy efficiency audits across sites to identify inefficient building components/plants and operational practices that are unnecessarily increasing power consumption. After detailed analysis, a range of recommended changes - including relevant upgrades, monitoring equipment and upgraded management practices - is outlined for implementation.

    These reviews have reduced our customers’ energy consumption by up to 30%. Additionally, we have catalogued the energy profiles of a wide range of assets, allowing us to benchmark a council’s current usage rates against the industry’s best standards.  

  • Peak has advised councils on the development of over 200 renewable assets through services including: 

    • strategy development  
    • options analysis, feasibility and modelling  
    • site selection and due diligence 
    • review and negotiation of commercial arrangements  
    • grant funding applications 
    • regulatory approvals  
    • system design 
    • development of tendering specifications 
    • procurement advice and tender assessment 
    • construction project management and commissioning  
    • post construction management.  

    Peak can consider multiple generation options including Solar PV in numerous arrangements, landfill gas, energy from waste, wind and geothermal energy. Additionally, our experts can identify and recommend different funding models for each unique project.

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