Professional Advisory

Independent and objective oversight of the future performance of major projects

Professional Advisory

End-to-end enterprise solutions

We have an expert team ready to support Council officers in the areas of compliance, corporate governance, and process improvement to deliver enterprise wide outcomes. Our service leverages our extensive technical, strategic and contractual expertise.

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Peak’s Project Assurance Service provides an independent and objective oversight of the future performance of majorprojects. This is a support service to Council officers responsible for planning, managing and delivering projects - on time, to budget and in accordance with quality expectations. Our service leverages our extensive technical, strategic and contractual expertise.  

    The Project Assurance Service is based upon: 

    • The Queensland Treasury Corporation Project Delivery Framework. 
    • The Queensland Government Program and Project Assurance Framework. 
    • Queensland Treasury Project Assurance Framework. 
    • Peak Services Asset Management Decision Making Framework. 
    • Peak Services Project Management Framework. 


    The Key Benefits comprise: 

    • Review of the project planning and project parameters by an expert independent organisation.  
    • Periodic health check of project performance. 
    • Manage risk and improvedelivery confidence.  
    • Provide funders and otherstakeholders with confidence in relation to time, budget and quality.  
    • Added governance and leadership. 
    • Improved organisation project assurance capability. 
    • Runs seamlessly in parallel with finance and asset functions. 
  • Our approach to stakeholder engagement and negotiation is structured around the development of strategic relationships and the critical importance of trusted and independent advice.  

    Our teams have an extensive track record of guiding councils through complex regulatory frameworks to achieve favourable project approvals. This involves planning advice and development consent, construction approvals and certification, environmental statements and controls, and regulatory compliance. 

    We have overseen community engagement initiatives on several development projects and our approach includes stakeholder workshop options to seek feedback on sustainability outcomes, environmental and social impacts and long-term economic outcomes. 

    Peak has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement at all levels of government and we have successfully negotiated quality project outcomes with several government departments. We have also negotiated key project related commercial agreements with energy retailers and connection approvals with transmission network owners (Energy Queensland) for new developments. 

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