Code of Conduct - eLearning Course

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Who should Attend?

This course has been developed for all local government staff members. Local government employees have a responsibility to act legally and ethically in carrying out their local government responsibilities. They must carry out their local government duties in a way that complies with the principles outlined in the current Local Government Act and is consistent with their local government’s Code of Conduct. Case studies and multiple choice questions are provided with this course and a 100% pass rate completes the course.

eLearning Course details

eLearning Course Topics
The 1st Principle: Integrity and Impartiality
Dealing with the public
Within your work
A team approach
Applying the principle
The 2nd Principle: Promoting the Public Good
Customer service
Fairness to suppliers
Use of public money
Intellectual property
Concern for the environment
The 3rd Principle: Commitment to the System of Government
Acting within the law
Acting according to your position in council
Employee rights to provide fedback on council policies or legislation
The 4th Principle: Accountability and Transparency
Zero harm work environment
Absent from work process
Correct record management
This program is delivered as an online program produced by Peak. Courses can be provided to councils with their own LMS or eLearning platform or can be hosted on Peak’s eLearning platform. Please contact us for a quote/ proposal.
Duration & location
Peak’s online program provides a range of multiple-choice, true or false and interactive case scenarios are used to assess knowledge gained from this training program. Certificates of completion can be printed on successful completion of your online training program.
Fees & Inclusions

Our training course will include:

  • Instructor-led training
  • Statement of Attendance
  • Course Workbook


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