Breaking Bad - Habits

We provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications (local government specific) and council-specific non-accredited short courses as well as other professional development training options.

This one-hour course gives participants the skills to recognise and transform unworkable habits into behaviours that contribute to a more meaningful and purpose driven life. While all behaviours and habits serve a purpose, not all will lead us towards the person we want to be. This, in turn, produces a degree of guilt and shame in our lives which is unhelpful and can stifle our true goals.

“Breaking Bad – Habits” provides participants with the skills to recognise these unhelpful behaviours, determine their true intent and move towards more appropriate alternatives and increased personal and professional productivity.


Upcoming Dates:

    6 February 2024, 9am-10.00am
    Virtual Wellness Webinar
    2 April 2024, 9am-10.00am
    Virtual Wellness Webinar