Transforming your council’s culture

We provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications (local government specific) and council-specific non-accredited short courses as well as other professional development training options.

The executive team is the critical group in a council to drive culture change and ensure sustained improvement in an organisational culture.

Culture change is often necessary for an organisation to adapt to new market conditions, technologies, or strategies. It is also necessary if there is a culture of bullying, harassment or learned helplessness.  It’s typically a complex and challenging process that requires strong leadership, clear communication, and active participation from all members of the organisation.

The process might include reassessing values, implementing new norms and behaviours, or changing the communication style within the organisation. The goal is to create a culture that better aligns with the organisation’s strategic objectives or societal norms.

It’s important to note that culture change is a long-term process that requires significant effort and commitment. It’s not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process of continual improvement and adaptation. It is a fundamental aspect of development and change management.

This workshop is designed to help the executive team to take stock of their council’s culture and formulate strategies to enhance that culture.

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