2024 Councillor Induction Program with Donna Neilson

We provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications (local government specific) and council-specific non-accredited short courses as well as other professional development training options.

In Queensland, the effective functioning of local government is fundamental to the well-being of communities.

The role of councillors in shaping policies, making decisions, and representing the interests of their constituents is pivotal to the success of local governance. Recognising the significance of this responsibility, the implementation of comprehensive training programs for new councillors becomes imperative.

Peak’s New Councillor Program provides important foundation skills for equipping current or new elected representatives with the necessary knowledge, skills, and insights to navigate the complexities of local government.

By providing tailored education and fostering a deep understanding of local issues, our program not only empowers councillors to fulfill their duties effectively but also contribute to the overall enhancement of governance and community development in Queensland.

Senior Trainer, Donna Neilson’s New Councillor 2-day program will help lay the foundation for informed decision-making, ethical conduct, and responsive leadership amongst councillors in the vibrant local government landscape of Queensland.

Day 1 | Elected Members (1 Day Program)

  • Understanding Local Government from a Councillor’s perspective
  • Councillor Roles and Responsibilities
  • Legal and Ethical Obligations.

Day 2 | Elected Members (1 Day Program)

  • Code of Conduct for Councillors
  • Governing Councils
  • Effective Decision-Making including meeting procedures and Standing Orders.

Day 3 | Council Officers (Half-Day Program)

OPTIONAL: half-day for Council Officers

  • Provide an overview and understanding of how council officers can interact with Councillors
  • Councillors’ obligations from a staff perspective.

If you would like to discuss, plan and arrange your media and/or induction training programs for 2024, please contact me directly to request a proposal or to discuss your requirements.

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Business Development Manager - Training Services

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