Jodi Cannon

Senior Manager Business Development & Engagement

Jodi Cannon

About Jodi

As an experienced professional engagement manager, with over a decade-long background in customer service and stakeholder engagement, Jodi has established skills in client account management, business development and strategic problem-solving.

Previously working with Local Government in her role at Telstra, Jodi has built a strong foundation of professional networks in the telecommunications/ICT industry and has collaboratively contributed to various community and business digital transformation solutions to help create liveable communities. 

Jodi’s passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences through effective communication, strategic collaboration, and leadership will be of immense benefit to supporting and delivering value to Local Government throughout Queensland.

Core Capability

  • Stakeholder engagement manager
  • Solutions provider
  • Innovative problem solver
  • Forward thinking professional

Key Experience

Stakeholder engagement

Collaboration with Local Government to help create liveable communities.

Relationship development

Developing strategic relationships to deliver optimal outcomes.

Passion for exceptional customer service

Effective communication and leadership to deliver value.