News from Peak | January/February 2022

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News from Peak | January/February 2022

Brent Reeman, Managing Director and CEO, Peak Services_sitting at desk

A word from Brent, our Managing Director and CEO

2022 has gotten off to a cracking start and despite working around the latest Covid concerns, this is certainly not a time to switch off.

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Jan/Feb 2022 Newsletter Article 3

Why a disciplinary process needs to be undertaken in a timely manner

The importance of following the Local Government Regulation 2012 disciplinary action process.

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Jan feb 2022 newsletter Mark Crawley


Assuring Project Delivery in the 'Outback by the Sea' - A Carpentaria Case Study

Reduce risk and improve project delivery – Mark Crawley takes project assurance at Carpentaria Shire Council to the next level.

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Persuasive Writing Jan/Feb 2022

Unlocking grant funds - writing persuasive grant applications

Grants that benefit local regions and communities are available at the state and federal levels. We list the most important steps to consider when writing and submitting grant applications.

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Jan/Feb 2022 NewsLetter Recruitment

Dealing with a skilled candidate shortage and the "Great Resignation"

Why having flexible working arrangements is key to retaining good staff to safeguard your orgnisation from potential skilled candidate shortages

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The Australian (Jan/Feb 2022)

Ensuring fair and equal tender processes

Don't become a front page news story - know what unfair advantages and unfair tender evaluation scenarios look like.

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Social Media (Jan/Feb 2022)


The necessity of social media

The necessity of social media and the need to get the message right

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Jan/Feb 2022 Newsletter IR Helpdesk

A day in the life of IR Helpdesk

The Helpdesk provides prompt responses to often complex workforce issues to councils seeking expert advice about high level human resources and industrial relations issues.

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