News from Peak | October / November 2022

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News from Peak | October / November 2022

News from Peak_Balonne_Butch Lenton Award ceremony

A word from our Managing Director and CEO, Brent Reeman

Innovation is at its best in our outback and remote communities.  When we stop to think why, it really comes down to finding a better way. Doing more with less, working against the odds and the passion our councils have for improving the lives of their communities. That's exactly what The Country Universities Centre model is based on - finding opportunities that benefit communities.

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Supply chain diagram

Managing the supply chain under difficult and challenging environments

Achieving Business as Usual in an organisation is a common goal after change events, such as mergers or business acquisitions. Here we outline 10 tips for sustainable supply chain management.

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CUC Maranoa_providing opportunities for tertiary education

CUC providing opportunities for tertiary education in remote and rural communities

Regional and rural communities deserve quality opportunities to pursue their dreams without the need to relocate. CUC has created a model for regional and remote communities to 'grow their own'. 

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One step ahead with psychological safety

State and Federal Ministers have committed to implementing new regulations across Australia will elevate psychological health and safety to the same level as physical health and safety in the workplace. As organisations, we need to be one step ahead.

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Crocodile near Magnificent Creek Overflow in Carpentaria Shire Council

Delivering a complex project in adverse conditions – crocodiles and more crocodiles

How Carpentaria delivered their latest ATSI TIDS project while enduring adverse conditions such as communication failures, machinery breakdowns, heat, flies, snakes, crocodiles and cranky concreters.

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Unfair dismissal

Unfair Dismissal – the crucial elements of procedural fairness

The crucial elements of procedural fairness to understand when dismissing an employee. How we can all learn from the outcomes of two recent cases presented to the Fair Work Commission.

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Advocacy the missing piece of the puzzle

Why advocacy is an important part to secure funding for place-based solutions

When a project doesn’t fit within the criteria for a specific funding program, it’s not time to give up, it’s time to start advocating. Start strategising, engaging with community, and developing your  advocacy tool kit for the best chance at success.

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The Hub_Balonne_Butch Lenton


Balonne educational ‘Hub’ wins $10,000 for community literacy and numeracy program

As winners of this year’s Butch Lenton Memorial Bush Council Innovation Award, read how Balonne Shire Council's new project will contribute further educational opportunities to their higher-education pilot ‘The Hub’.

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Somerset Solar Panels

Somerset Solar Concept Design Case Study

With an annual collective spend of over $250 million, electricity remains one of the largest expenses for Local Governments in Queensland and Somerset Regional Council is no exception.

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