Register for your HR Masterclass 2024

We're bringing you another informative series of masterclasses across Queensland.

Register for your HR Masterclass 2024


At your request, we're bringing another informative series of HR Masterclasses over 5 full-day sessions, across Queensland from April to August.

The theme this year is 'Navigating the HR Minefield: key learnings from past failures'. 

Cairns    Brisbane     Western Downs     Bundaberg     Townsville

Navigating workplace dynamics is complex and councils often feel they face their own unique challenges but in actual fact other councils have frequently dealt with similar issues.

The 2024 HR Masterclass Series, presented by Peak Services, are designed to equip HR professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to address critical issues in modern workplaces. With a focus on workplace investigations, safe workplace practices, managing workers, peer-to-peer management, and psychosocial wellbeing, this event aims to provide comprehensive insights and actionable strategies for HR professionals to effectively manage their workforce. We’ll look at some very prominent case studies, take learnings from these circumstances and discover ways to prevent similar situations in your council. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss your challenges with other councils and learn how they have dealt with similar issues.

The Local Government Association of Queensland will also be joining us to provide an update and connect with you during networking sessions.

Our partners Brighter Super, LGMS and LGAQ will also provide insights into the current trends in their relevant industries.

Please note, these Masterclasses are only available to Council officers, and State and Federal Government employees. Masterclasses are free to attend.

The schedule is as follows with some dates to be confirmed:

Date  Location
Monday April 29 Cairns
Tuesday May 14 Brisbane
Tuesday June 11 Western Downs
Wednesday July 24  Bundaberg
Tuesday August 13  Townsville

Draft Agenda

Time Session
08:30 Arrival, sign in, and networking
08:40 Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country
08.45 Session 1
Case Study – Death of a worker – Moira Shire Council (Victorian Council)
10.00 Morning Tea and networking
10.10 Session 2
Peak Services Update
10.15 Summary of Findings and interactive session (Moira Shire Council)
11.35 Session 3
HR Roundtable - Update on Medicinal Marijuana
12.05 Lunch and networking
12.50 Session 4
Guest Speaker - LGMS: Proactive Claim & Psychosocial Injury Management
13:20 LGAQ Update
13:45 Brighter Super Update
14:30  Session 5
Roundtable Discussion – Enterprise Bargaining – Tips & Tricks for a Good Outcome
15:30 Close


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