Media and Communication Essentials with Kim Skubris

News from Peak | April/May 2024

Media and Communication Essentials with Kim Skubris


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By Patricia Paolini, Senior Advisor/Trainer, Peak Training

Well known to the Queensland local government community is Media and Communications guru and journalist, Kim Skubris.

Kim returns in 2024 to fulfil her passion for local government and assist councillors and mayors with their media presence.

Kim's Media and Communications Masterclass is tailored to new and returning elected members to help them gain new skills when dealing with the media, refine existing presentation styles and public speaking techniques.

Kim thrives on sharing her 30+ years’ experience in the media, empowering councillors to help them:

  • Gain confidence dealing with the media
  • Capture their audience through authentic communication
  • Own their presentation
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Manage public relations
  • Increase their public image.

More than ever, communication and media skills are a crucial part of public life. Kim's programs include but are not limited to the following:

Media & Communications Masterclass

Engaging your Team & Community

The Power of Public Speaking & Storytelling

Owning your Online Presence

Let’s work together towards greater and brighter councils and communities in 2024.

To discuss your requirements and customisation of any of the programs listed, please contact me directly at any time.


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Contact Patricia Paolini to further explore the Media and Communications Essentials with Kim Skubris. E M 0407 966 716

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