EMU Marathon 2020

Twelve weeks to visit all 77 member councils as part of the Elected Member Update – EMU – program is more than a way to flex Peak’s logistical muscles: we’re listening to every single council.

EMU Marathon 2020


Visiting 77 councils in under 12 weeks is no mean feat but the rewards of being part of EMU are huge. 


Essentially, the LGAQ’s statewide roadshow of Elected Member Updates (EMU) provides an opportunity for educating, understanding and sharing between each council and the membership body. 

As LGAQ’s commercial arm, Peak Services uses the opportunity at each EMU to get face-to-face with the people who can benefit most from our services, to explain what we do and the value we add. Most importantly, we get to demonstrate how Peak partners with local government to support the success of each elected member. 

“We are here to make life easier for councils,” Peak’s Donna Neilson explained, “so, it’s important they know what diverse services we offer. The EMUs also provide legislative updates, which are invaluable for councilors and council staff to understand their changed responsibilities.” 

Being an elected member is complex and time-consuming. Not too many jobs demand an immediate grasp of finance, planning, major procurement decision making, economic development, a raft of governance regulations and so on! That’s why each EMU includes an explanation of the training and professional development opportunities offered by Peak. 

“Even coming from an operational position with council into the Mayoral role, I did not have a full appreciation or understanding of the ways that Peak supports council and its operations. The EMU program has been of tremendous value to me and my fellow councillors,” Mayor Sally O’Neill, Barcoo Shire Council. 

Peak’s Patricia Paolini said the EMU participants had been particularly interested in how LGAQ’s Local Buy program was working to grow its community supplier base to support COVID-19 recovery in the regions. 

After a whirlwind round of 2020 EMUs, the team at Peak Services is looking forward to finding new and better ways to support Queensland councils. You ask and we respond! 

For more information on how Peak Services can support your council please contact Jessica Jones, Business Development Director on 0455 081 848 or via email jjones@wearepeak.com.au

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