Helping not-for-profits cut energy costs

Find out how Peak can helped one not-for-profit groups save on its energy costs.

Helping not-for-profits cut energy costs


Australia’s not-for-profit (NFP) sector is large and diverse. Of the approximately 600,000 non-profit organisations operating across the nation, 54,000 are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Peak's Tech Advisory Team

One of Queensland’s largest and most diverse NFPs is Churches of Christ. Established in 1930, it operates more than 190 services across youth and family services, community housing, retirement living, home and community care, and residential aged care. 

Peak’s energy team were able to support Local Buy in helping Churches of Christ to streamline their energy management and find ways to cut costs while keeping the lights on! 

In such a large organisation, the opportunities for improvement included administrative measures, such as consolidating billing, and physical measures, such as reducing peak and off-peak electricity consumption. 

We also secured valuable direct relief payments and temporary tariffs under the government’s COVID-19 relief measures. 

By combining 49 small sites into one tender and two large sites into one larger tender, Churches of Christ is also able to save more than $65,000 in energy costs via the small contestable electricity market. 

Such significant savings are available to all NFPs.  

For further information and to understand how the team at Peak can assist your organisation, contact Energy Advisory Team Leader, Simon Martin on 0448 102 122. 

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