Grant Program Office

Grants deliver important infrastructure, programs and services to local councils. They are critical to the support of continued economic growth and help sustain the community.

Grant Program Office

Securing over $80m in grants for Queensland councils and other eligible organisations .

Our Services

What We Offer

The team at Peak has significant experience assisting councils with successful grant applications, having worked with them across a diversity of State and Federal Government, as well as private sector, grant programs including: 

  • Building Our Regions 
  • Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP) 
  • Building Better Regions 
  • Age-Friendly Community Grants Program 
  • Black Spot Program 
  • Community Resilience Grants 
  • Queensland Destination Events Program 
  • Community Development Fund (RioTinto) 
  • Growing Indigenous Tourism Fund 
  • FNQ and NQ Monsoon Trough Funding 

Our grant management and writing consultants will work with you to deliver a thorough and well-crafted grant application that will optimise your chances of success. We can assist with: 

  • Benefits identification and measurement 
  • Project planning 
  • Review of project design 
  • Revenue and cost estimation 
  • Project prioritisation 
  • Supporting documentation 
  • Application writing 

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience across a wide range of infrastructure and services projects including: 

  • Sewer and water network upgrades 
  • Airport upgrades 
  • Tourism events and infrastructure  
  • Community support programs and infrastructure  
  • Waste management infrastructure 
  • Saleyards and associated infrastructure 
  • Jetties and water infrastructure 
  • Renewable energy and smart city projects 

Apply, Track, Close

Grant Approval Process

Grant Approval Process


  • Peak also provides broader grant management services that offer significant benefits to councils. We can maximise your access to grant funding through identification of suitable projects, tracking grant releases, managing applications, and administering the programs. As with all services through our Grant Program Office, this can be tailored to your council’s individual needs.  

  • Peak can administer the grants program in ways that include: 

    • Managing the timeline of grant funding rounds against council’s project schedule 
    • Assisting council to identify projects to seek funding for which aligns with council’s strategic plan and as directed by council 
    • Identifying eligible project to rounds of grant funding 
    • Acting as the liaison between council and government
  • Peak will review prior grant applications and supporting documentation against current grant guidelines and published assessment criteria to identify: 

    • Critical information and statistics to be included and referenced in the application 
    • Additional supporting documentation and reports required to strengthen the application, e.g. project plans, programs, cost benefit assessments, etc 
    • Acquittals 
    • Reporting on grant funded activities and expenditure. 
    • Ensure that the grants funds, when awarded, are appropriately used and in line with requirements 
  • Peak is Australia’s only infrastructure company established to meet the specific needs of local government. Our complementary services include the conducting pre/feasibility studies and end-to-end project management when council obtains grant funding.


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