Waste Advisory

Towards a zero-waste future

Waste Advisory

Managing your journey towards a zero-waste future

Partnering with the Peak Waste Management team means your council is working with Australia’s leading experts in local government, saving your council time and money and protecting your local environment for future generations 

Peak assists councils in a range of waste related operations, these include waste strategies, compliance and facility review, facility construction and closure plus a host of other services. 

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Peak can provide your council with a condition assessment of waste transfer stations, landfills, resource recovery centres and any other fixed waste assets. The assessment will identify assets that are not on your current register and categorise the condition and defects of each new/existing asset. 

    We will then update your existing asset management plans, enabling these outcomes to be fed directly into council’s full asset management and capital planning, ensuring responsible management of your multi-million-dollar waste assets and maximising ratepayer value for money. 

  • The liability for opening a landfill can incur long-term costs - including close-out plans, rehabilitation, monitoring and after care management - that continue long past the useful life of a site. 

    Peak’s modelling will assure the correct measurement and treatment of cost are used, which will ensure your financial reports are accurate and allow you to allocate the appropriate budget to the landfill over time. 

  • Our Waste Management Team can independently and efficiently procure waste services on behalf of council and this may include the development of comprehensive tender documents for the collection and disposal of general and recyclable waste.  

    Peak’s waste specialists will consider all manner of contract conditions and tailor the procurement to council’s specific needs so each contract we deliver on your behalf is cost efficient and tailored to the specific waste collection/disposal service. 

  • Peak can create a bespoke waste management strategy on behalf of your council that will improve your waste management practices and can lower your total waste costs, improve resource recovery and minimise environmental impacts. 

    Additionally, our waste team can identify future waste infrastructure needs and assist in the development of solutions for any issues that are identified.  

  • Experienced waste consultants can be provided to deliver onsite seconded services. Our qualified consultants can lead operational and works programs on behalf of council, balancing the complex, competing interests that councils often manage.  

    Peak’s consultants can be flexibly deployed for either short term (three months) or medium term (two-three years) at any stage over the life of a project. 

  • As an external consultant, Peak provides objective and independent verification of compliance, and our ‘fresh eyes’ enable a truly thorough inspection, without compromise.  

    Peak will also provide recommendations for new approaches and improvements to safeguard compliance, based on decades of industry experience as working waste specialists, both within and external to councils. 

    For each site with open landfill or closed cells, Peak will inspect for gas leaks, leachate escapes, storm water separation, settlement, ground movement, vegetation management and subsidence. Post-assessment, Peak will provide council with a compliance audit report that highlights recommendations for improvements. At the direction of council, Peak can further assist with the development of remediation plans and cost modelling (additional service and cost). 

  • Our waste management team can provide a study which is quick, targeted and specific in scope. These studies take a scalpel to council’s waste function to identify high priority opportunities for service improvement and greater cost efficiency.  

    Each recommended initiative will improve an element of service associated with your waste operation. Studies can be tailored to your unique needs and analysis can be directed towards specific elements of your service such as:  

    • Recycling 
    • Data management 
    • Resource recovery centres 
    • Waste collection and disposals 
    • Procurement 
    • Business opportunities 
    • Targeted waste management 
    • Energy from waste. 
  • Returning the land to its former state involves capping and revegetation, the installation and ongoing maintenance of gas and leachate collection systems and decommissioning of infrastructure that is no longer required.  

    Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the above continues during the long aftercare period. 

    Peak can provide councils with full managed project services for conducting landfill rehabilitation, should council plan to close a landfill cell. 

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