Energy Audits – Understanding the whys and watts 

A Peak Services energy audit can save your council many thousands of dollars – and save the planet greenhouse gas emissions. Here’s how:

Energy Audits – Understanding the whys and watts 


Simple measures, significant savings. In a future of economic uncertainty, we need to ensure we are taking every opportunity to build a sustainable future – both environmentally and financially.  mike

Commercial buildings (such as offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, schools and hospitals) are responsible for approximately 10% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions, representing a significant opportunity for emissions reductions (Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources) 

Fortunately, many of the technologies required to achieve carbon neutral buildings already exist and can be cost-effective. For example, upgrades to lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment can generate large energy savings that result in positive financial returns through reduced energy bills. 

Peak Services has undertaken energy audits of buildings for many councils, both in Queensland and interstate. The results of the audits have identified improvements that can both reduce council’s greenhouse emissions and save council thousands of dollars in energy costs 

Pay-back periods for upgrades are typically only a few years, making changing to energy efficient devices such as LED lighting, and installing additional devices such as motion sensors, an economically attractive proposition.  

We have recently undertaken energy audits for nine civic buildings for a central Queensland council and identified that over $10,000 per annum can be saved by moving to LED lighting and a further $5,000 per annum can be saved by adjusting air conditioning setpoints. 

Some improvements identified have no cost – for example, encouraging users to switch off appliances when not in use and changing air conditioning  setpoints can realise significant immediate savings. 

Peak Services’ energy audits are undertaken to broadly align with Type 1 and Type audits described in the Australian Standard AS3598.1 - Energy Audits - Commercial Buildings. Peak can also assist council with an overarching Energy Management Plan and Energy Policy.  

To maximise benefits to council, energy audits can be carried out concurrently with solar power system feasibility studies and concept designs.    

To find out how Peak Services can help reduce your power bill and your greenhouse gas emissions, contact Simon Martin on 0448 102122. 

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