A word from Brent, our Managing Director and CEO

Welcome to 2021 and our first ‘News from Peak’ for the year - we are off to a busy start.

A word from Brent, our Managing Director and CEO

Peak's team Jessica Jones, Brian Jackson and Brent Reeman supporting the Blackwater Legends of League game, Feb 2021.

We kicked off our engagement program with the first International Legends of League game, which was held in the town of Blackwater, part of the Central Highlands region. This event is part of our Community Sponsorship Program and our ongoing commitment to supporting regional and remote communities.

Setting aside the significant economic and social impacts on the Blackwater and surrounding Highlands communities (more on the 7NEWS report below), the game also provided an opportunity for the Indigenous community of Woorabinda to get involved. The players visited several of the surrounding schools over the days leading up to the event, which the kids just reveled in having their heroes visit. 

The success of this event was extraordinary, with thousands of people coming out to support the game. Not only was this event backed by BHP and a number of other sponsors, but the Queensland State Government came on board to support the event as part of a mental wellbeing initiative. 

Well done to Mayor Kerry Hayes, Scott MasonJohn McDougall and the team for working with Legends of League to put on such a fantastic event. I only wish I had packed my boots and run out onto the field. I suppose seeing Jess don her coaching jersey and deliver some inspiring pep talks to the Australian side made up for it something neither I nor the players will forget in a hurry!    

Work is likewise ramping up in local government, evidenced by an uplift across all of our business lineskeeping the team busy, which is great to see. Our focus is supporting councils to get through their delivery programs, secure funding and provide support where needed. We are hearing more and more that this is proving a challenge for many and the lasting effects of COVID and subsequent stimulus only compounds this.  

You will be seeing a bunch of new faces at Peak over the coming months. We continue to invest in local government and have recently welcomed some very talented individuals to the team, both in Peak and Local Buy. These new team members bring a wealth and diversity of experience to the table, with strong local government – as well as valuable private sector – backgrounds, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them join the team. More on this to come... 

And finally, some incredibly pleasing news for Peak. As part of our commitment to ensuring that we are meeting our customers' expectations, one of our key measurement tools is our NPS (Net Promoter Score). We run a quarterly NPS out to our customers for works completed and I am happy to see that our year-to-date NPS is 64This is a positive reflection on the commitment of my team to our customers and the verbatim feedback supports this. Whilst there are always things we need to work on and improve (like any organisation), I am proud of the team and the work they are doing for local government, and grateful to you, our customers, for providing us with the opportunities to deliver such high-quality support.  

See you out there, 


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