News from Peak | July / August 2022

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News from Peak | July / August 2022

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A word from Brent, our Managing Director and CEO

Are we asking the right questions when it comes to the delivery of services in local government and should we be coming together collaboratively as an industry to find solutions?

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Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program successful projects announced

Securing over $11.5M for 10 Queensland councils under LGGSP, and a further $1.9M for two councils under the Remote Airstrip Funding Program

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A strategic approach to planning for the needs and experiences of young people

How we support young people to actively participate in their community, to achieve their aspirations and feel engaged and connected is crucial now and into the future.

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The realised benefits of MIPP funding and proper planning 

Feature writer, Mark Crawley, CEO Carpentaria Shire Council, explains Council was very fortunate to receive funding through the second and last round of the Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Project (MIPP) funding to undertake Strategic Planning works to expand the tourism industry within the Shire.

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Planning to plan – some key questions to ask when developing plans

Considerable effort goes into planning, but how do we ensure all our plans align and the community understands the journey.

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Local Government’s obligations with a Public Interest Disclosure

Corrupt behaviour by government officials and employees can destroy public confidence. How the local government handles such matters when complaints are made, can go some way toward restoring public confidence in the way government affairs are handled.

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When it comes to cyber security, are you:
1. Freaked Out  
2. Empowered or
3. Waiting?

Our cyber security expert explains why it’s important to feel 1. Freaked Out or 2. Empowered when the need arises to identify a cyber security threat.

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Alice Springs Solar Power Feasibility

Harnessing the power of the sun in one of Australia's towns that receives the longest sunshine hours, provides long term benefits in both environmental and financial sustainability.

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Introducing Damon Meadows

Welcoming Damon Meadows to Peak Consulting

Peak Consulting is delighted to welcome Damon Meadows to the team as Senior Advisor in the Professional Advisory and Grant Program Office. With 20 years’ experience in QLD local government, Damon has a demonstrated and deep-seated knowledge of regional Queensland. From “bringing picnics back to Beardmore Dam” to managing client relations, Damon’s passion for Queensland is clear.

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HR Masterclass Roma September 15 2022

HR Masterclass Series 2022

Final session - Roma
We’ve partnered with some incredible organisations to bring you another informative series of HR & Workforce Masterclasses this year.  Joining us this year is Country Universities Centre, Brighter Super and the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland

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Butch Lenton Award Nominations Close 31 August

It's not too late to apply - submit your application today.
Now in its 5th year, the Peak Services award recognises innovation in Queensland’s bush councils and celebrates the contribution the late Mayor of Winton Shire, Graham ‘Butch’ Lenton, made to his beloved community of Winton and the local government in Queensland. 

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